Parkview is more than just your typical Pharmacy. Our success is measured by how healthy our patients are. Medicine on Time is the pillar of this. With this specialized compliance packaging our patients don't have to worry about missing a dose. Medicine on Time has all prescribed medications in one easy to open packet. Multiple color coordinated cards make understanding when to take medications easy for our patients.

Medicine On Time assists in Medication Adherence

Medicine-On-Time is a medication management system that eliminates the time-consuming hassle of keeping track of multiple medications.

With simple, color-coded calendar cards, medications are packaged into the proper dosages and clearly labeled for easy, consistent compliance. Medication trays offer the photos of the patient and description detail for every tablet or capsule in two locations.

  • Accurate, manageable medication solution
  • Maintained independence
  • Decreased gaps in medication therapy
  • Higher levels of care and connection
  • Fewer hospital visits
  • Reduced burden on family and caregivers
  • Infrequent trips to the pharmacy
  • Lowered nursing home admission by 66%